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Titleist 915 Hybrid *2015*

Titleist 915 Hybrid *2015*

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Titleist 915 Hybrid *2015*Titleist 915 Hybrid *2015*Titleist 915 Hybrid *2015*Titleist 915 Hybrid *2015*Titleist 915 Hybrid *2015*Titleist 915 Hybrid *2015*
Product Description
Titleist 915H Hybrid Long, straight, and forgiving, the Titleist 915H Hybrid will improve your approach game. The rounded profile provides confidence at address, maximum forgiveness, and slightly higher launch and spin versus the 915Hd.

Active Recoil Channel: The forward positioned channel delivers distance from both the tee and turf through higher speed and lower spin. Clubs without ARC technology have a rigid sole and deflect more in the crown at impact, leading to higher spin. ARC technology creates active deflection in the crown and sole at impact which produces more speed and less spin. High MOI Design: The low center of gravity (CG) design delivers stability and ball speed while preserving forgiveness.

SureFit Tour Hosel: 16 unique loft and lie combinations deliver the most precise fit available.

Player Benefits:

LONGER DISTANCE through low spin and high speed from both the tee and turf HIGHER SPEED from the Active Recoil Channel and Ultra Thin Face LOWER SPIN from the forward positioned Active Recoil Channel FORGIVENESS from the low CG, high moment-of-inertia (MOI) design PRECISION FIT through the industry-leading SureFit Tour Hosel technology PREMIUM SHAFT provides high performance to maximize your speed and timing SOLID FEEL and sound from the higher standard of acoustic engineering GREAT LOOKS from the pear profile and rich appearance Club does not come with a wrench.

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