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Titleist AVX Golf Balls Yellow 1 Dozen

Titleist AVX Golf Balls Yellow 1 Dozen

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Titleist AVX Golf Balls Yellow 1 Dozen
Product Description
The explanation for why that isnít happening is just as simple. AVX is not an extension of the Pro V1 family. Sure, it offers 3-piece construction and a urethane cover, but with the exception of some technology borrowed from the new Pro V1 core to increase speed, weíre talking about an entirely new golf ball. The AVX features not only a new dimple pattern but, as a result of a new catenary dimple shape, it has entirely different aerodynamic properties as well. The cover is cast urethane, and the material composition is different enough from that of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x that, in addition to white, Titleist can also make the AVX in yellow; a first for Titleist in the tour performance category. That small detail alone might attract some golfers to the AVX. What those differences amount to is a ball that provides softer feel and a bit more distance than Titleist players might be used to. That distance boost is what has the potential to separate the AVX from the other soft offerings on the market which don't quite live up to their billing. While the Pro V1 is true to the companyís performance-driven identity, AVX is a preference driven product. To accept the inherent performance trade-offs is to accept that AVX isnít a Pro V1 � itís not supposed to be. Itís designed for golfers who want soft feel and are willing to give up just a little bit somewhere else to get it.

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