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Volvik Vista iV Golf Balls 12-Pack

The #1 Color Golf Ball On Tour

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Product Description
The Highest Grade 4-Piece Ball

� The #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour � This 4-piece ball provides the best playability for tour players and advanced golfers � World leading technology with 12 patents for the US, UK, Japan and Korea � Soft impact and feel and longer flight distance is achieved by World's First Patented Dual Core: a soft outer layer and a hard inner core � 4-piece Tour Performance - Explosive distance and more accurate approach by Power Core, Bismuth Control layer, Highly Resilient Inner Cover and Zirconium Z-I Outer Cover � Enhanced visibility provided by the brightest colors in golf � Excellent putting feel and optimal spin rates made possible by more durable and powerful Zirconium Z-I Cover � improved flight stability designed 392 Cube-Octahedrondimple pattern. � 95 Compression, 64 Cover Hardness � Optimal for 80-125 MPH Swing Speed

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