GelongD CT-214

GelongD CT-214

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GelongD CT-214GelongD CT-214GelongD CT-214GelongD CT-214
Product Description
The GelongD CT-214 driver was designed to drastically increase distance off the tee. To achieve this, we gathered feedback from long drive contestants. As a result, we designed a driver with a longer shaft and a high performance head to make this one of Fourteen Golf's most accurate, high performance drivers.


GelongD CT-214 Unleashes Powerful Drives The GelongD CT-214 driver was designed to drastically increase distance off the tee. This new driver achieves drastic improvement in distance performance due to several design features that were maximized. The club length and SLE (Spring-Like Effect) values have both been maximized to their limits to bring out the optimal transfer of energy from the club to the ball at impact while also increasing initial velocity

4 Secrets Behind "High-Energy Efficiency Transfer" The GelongD CT-214 Driver features a total synergy of 4 vital design factors, providing an increase in energy transmission at impact for faster velocity in the ball's initial flight. These 4 factors include: a high performance head design with precise CG depth and distance for great feel; an elongated shaft for increased head speed and driving distance; new shaft specs with an ideal flex allowing the head to accelerate at impact; and a multi-layered cup face to maximize its SLE (Spring-Like Effect) values and the legal COR limit. Even with little power and club head speed, golfers will experience an increase in the ball's initial velocity. With only 1 m/s increase in the ball's initial velocity, golfers will gain an average of 4 yards in their overall driving distance

IP Manufactured Multi- Layered Cup Face Our engineers designed the club head close to its legal COR limit and created a multi-layered cup face in order to generate longer drives and a wider sweet spot. The black IP manufactured club face matches up well with the club head and provides a sleeker design for better optics at address

High Performance MD-350JD Graphite Shaft for Better Club Head Acceleration Combining both low and high elastic materials in our proprietary MD-350JD graphite shaft provides optimal flex allowing for optimal club head acceleration. Even if golfers swing our club with great intensity, the shaft won't over flex. Instead, it will bend according to the golfer's swing and will help maximize the driving distance and allow for consistency on every drive!

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