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Odyssey Works Tank #1W SuperStroke Putter

Odyssey Works Tank #1W SuperStroke Putter

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Product Description
Feel, Meet Roll

Tank SuperStroke putters feature tank counterbalance weighting as a non-traditional method to give you confidence to roll in more putts. More weight placed above the hands makes them quieter for a smoother, easier stroke. The new Fusion RX insert adds extreme roll to the best selling, best feeling, most trusted insert along with major-winning high contrast alignment, shapes, and counterbalances that show relentless dedication to creating the highest performance putters in the world. These models also include the SuperStroke grip. Odyssey Works Tank SuperStroke Putters feature: Tank counterbalance weight with heavier heads and shafts quiet the hands during the stroke Counterbalance weighting brings more weight above the hands to quiet them for a smoother stroke Fusion RX Insert is combined with new roll technology Fusion RX Insert rolls 93% faster than the White Hot insert to reduce skidding and induce pure roll quicker Roll meets feel with a White Hot backer paired with an ultra thin stainless steel mesh with patented Metal-X roll pattern Tour-proven high contrast alignment highlights the proper face angle from address to impact for proper alignment through the whole stroke Silver and black contrast keys eyes in on linear designs to accentuate the face angle for better concentration Available lengths: 35" 38" Blade head on 1W model SuperStroke grip Includes headcover

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