Onoff/Daiwa MP-613D Drivers

Onoff/Daiwa MP-613D Drivers

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Onoff/Daiwa MP-613D DriversOnoff/Daiwa MP-613D DriversOnoff/Daiwa MP-613D DriversOnoff/Daiwa MP-613D DriversOnoff/Daiwa MP-613D Drivers
Product Description
Black driver with downsizing head and square face provides controlled trajectory and more distance. Forged head brings you ultimate soft feel to the shot at the impact Material Head : Forged ELF-Ti face Body: forged body KS100T Shaft : SMOOTH KICK MP-613D Grip : ONOFF Tour Velvet head rubber (52g) Conformed to SLE rule Weight Distribution Design allows the distance to be increased by reducing spin. While keeping the height of center of gravity, reduction in center of gravity rate is materialized by making the face deeper. By extending the length of hitting point ( c ) at the face, more gearing effect is realized, which enable you to have stronger trajectory with lower spin and more distance. Inner weight -Optimal design for center of gravity- Surplus weight of 4.5g resulting from downsizing the head is distributed into the optimal position at the body, which enables you to have more stable head movement. 2 Root Chemical Milling Crown and Chemical Milling Body -Generating lowering center of gravity- By making the wall of crown much thinner while keeping the rigidity, reduction of weight is realized, which generates lowering center of gravity. 3 Wide Hyper Effect Face IV -Expanding area for higher initial velocity- The thickness of the face is re-set. By making thin area wider, the high initial velocity area is further expanded, which enable you to have more stable direction and more distance. In addition, forged face and thick area in the center of face give you much softer feel to the shot. 4 Pure Titanium Hosel -Enabling the angle to be adjusted- The angle of loft, lie and face can be adjusted by 1degree.

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