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PING Men's ANSER 2 Milled Series Putter

PING Men's ANSER 2 Milled Series Putter

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PING Men's ANSER 2 Milled Series Putter
Product Description
Each ANSER putter is fully machined using 303 stainless steel and offers different hosel configurations that engineers designed to fit a particular putting path. You swing the putter on one of three paths: slight arc, strong arc, or straight-back, straight-through. So there's at least one ANSER putter model to suit each path and help the golfer build a repeatable, dependable stroke that will lead to fewer putts. FEATURES:

100% Milled - precision-milled from forged, 303 stainless steel to achieve the highest quality and performance Non-Glare Finish - a satin nickel chrome finish provides a clean, optically pleasing appearance Fitted for Stroke - engineered to fit every stroke type, the various hosel designs provide you an option to match your stroke and eye Headcover included


Don't Change Your Stroke - Change Your Putter. PING has tested hundreds of players both on and off the Tour over the years and overwhelming scientific evidence shows you will putt more consistently with a putter that's balance matches your stroke type. To help classify your stroke type PING has classified every putter into one of three stroke types; Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc Stroke Types. Your stroke is determined by your closing angle and the amount your putter face rotates during the forward stroke.

Straight: Face Rotation of < 3.5 - Strong Arc: Face Rotation of > 7.5 - Slight Arc: Face Rotation of 3.5 to 7.5 Every PING putter comes with a colored shaft label indicating the stroke type - Blue = Straight Type, Red = Strong Arc Type, and Green = Slight Arc Type ANSER 2 is balanced for slight arcs (Slight Arc = Face Rotation of closing angle 3.5 to 7.5). To find your stroke type, download the free iPING Putter App


Head Weight: 345g Balance: Mid Hang Stroke Type: Slight Arc Adjustment: + or - 4

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